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outdoor education


Camp Ruwá provides outdoor education programs for your school, community, church, business, etc. 

Our most popular program is our survival camp edition. Teaching students the basic needs to survive in the outdoors. Lessons include fort building, fire building, orienteering, animals, food & water, and etc. Each lesson has an element of team building and character building. 

Our Outdoor Education programs can be designed as needed to include specific needs and time frames. The format we recommend is a weekend or a 2 week after school program. 

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camp leadership program


Camp Ruwá provides a 9 month (Sept-May)summer camp education program.

The program is designed to educate participants interested in the outdoor recreation profession. At the completion of this program students will have the skill set and knowledge necessary to fulfill a position in this industry. 

The program will include courses on; history of camping, camp administration, facilities, marketing, curriculum development, games & activities, and so much more.

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