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What You Provide

What You Provide


Camp Ruwá is the perfect combination of outdoor and indoor activities. All we need is for you to provide the space! This could be a church, a public school, or any large group facilities in your community.


While we bring our incredible summer staff along with us, we need more hands to help execute camp. Volunteers get to spend the week building relationships with campers while joining in on the fun activities.

Camper Minimum

We require every host church to provide a minimum number of 75 campers per location. This is met through the church reaching into the community and personally inviting families to sign their children up for the best week of their Summer!

Host Homes

Our staff love the opportunity to live with members of your church for the week and build lasting relationships with those families. A minimum of two staff per house, and no maximum as long as each staff has a bed (The staff work hard and are on the road all summer, a comfy bed is a must so they can bring the contagious fun!). 

Staff Meals

To keep camper cost low we ask for the church to provide meals for our staff. This is a great opportunity for church groups or local restaurants to get involved. Ideas include; walking tacos, sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, and more.  


Ruwá hires some of the best young adults in the country to facilitate camp. After going through an in-depth one-on-one interview, our summer staff receive training from top influencers in the camp and church world.

Unforgettable Experience For All

We offer something to interest every camper. Whether it's outdoor, indoor, sports, arts, or something else – we have it. Not only do we program every minute, but we provide the equipment as well! We bring cutting edge activities and equipment! Zipline, Rockwall, Eurobungee, Ga-Ga Ball, 9-square, Inflatables, and so much more!

Year-Round Support

Ruwá has a dedicated team to help you bring camp to your community. We're available all year to train you on how to best market and facilitate the ultimate day camp experience. Additionally, after camp has completed we continue to be a resource to assist you in connecting with campers and their faith development. 

Holy Spirit Inspired Curriculum

Ruwá staff spend all year prayerfully considering how to connect campers to Christ through the bible studies and teachings we provide. Months of studying and perfecting go into these materials. At the end of camp each camper gets to keep their faith booklet, which will contain additional resources and scriptures for parents or the church to continue faith development after the week of camp. 

Registration & Customer Support

We take care of the registration process and send you updated reports each week. We also assist families with registration issues and field any calls a camper's family may have through the process. 

What We Provide

What We Provide
Host Ruwá In Your City
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