Camp Ruwá is a year round camp bringing adventure, love, and connection to your local community.


is the Hebrew word for War Cry

& Victory Shout.






War Cry:

We are training spiritual warriors to overcome life's battles!

Victory Shout: 

Through Jesus' finished work on the cross, and resurrection power.




Providing opportunities to encounter the love of God and train spiritual warriors through the adventures of camp.





Contagious Fun:

Fun-filled activities, faith, and connection that will 

spread beyond your camping experience.


Adventurous Faith:

Leaving room for God to work, connect with us, & being open to taking risks knowing that partnered with Him we can do big things.



Kingdom Relationships:

Everything at camp is done to build healthy relationships with our brothers/sisters in Christ, to help each other thrive in our faith journey, and to grow deeper in relationship with  God, Jesus, & Holy Spirit.


Excellence in Everything:

Highly trained staff, efficient and top quality programing that creates an unforgettable camping experience.


Camp Director:

Raymond Varner (AKA Ray-Ray)


Raymond is a lifelong camper who started attending camp as just a lil' tyke and fell in love with the outdoors. 


Raymond proposed to and married the love of his life(Alexis) at his childhood camp, Galilee. They now have two beautiful daughters, Emery Bray and Ella Renè.


Raymond went from camper to counselor, to event director, to assistant director, to site director, and so on. He has a BS in Physical Education K-12 and a MS in Camp Administration & Leadership. He has eight years of camp leadership experience, and 5 years of camp administration experience. 


At Ruwá we place the highest priority on finding the best quality and caring staff to be positive role models for your children.  


Our Staff Application is extensive and asks for many types of information to help screen out sub-par applicants. Every application is read through by three different members of our hiring committee, each one looking for any red flags or other areas of concern.


Each applicant goes through a 45-minute face-to-face or phone interview with one of our trained interviewers. Interviews include open-ended response questions regarding family issues, personality, relationship with God, history of substance abuse, etc.


Every applicant must have a minimum of two references from non-family members in order to be considered for hire. References are asked to specifically rate areas such as the applicant's character, their employment experience, and the comfort level of the reference in having the applicant work with children. References that rate applicants below average are automatically tagged for review by our senior hiring staff.

Background Checks:

Once applicants are fully vetted through the above screening procedures, we run three separate background checks:

  • FBI Fingerprint Criminal Background Check: includes any criminal arrest dates, charges and the disposition of any cases

  • Child Protective Services Check: contains information related to child abuse, neglect and any investigations conducted by local departments of social service.

  • National Sex-offender Registry Check: each hired staff member is screened against the National Sex-offender Registry.

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